Employee Ownership

Webinar Mini Series

Considering a move to employee ownership?

Join Robin Hartley at 12pm for 20 minutes on the dates below and find out more on...

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Structuring an attractive Employee

Ownership Trust (EOT)

Getting the best for you, the company and its employees

Including: Valuation, affordability, use of debt and the form and timing of long term payments



Robin Hartley, Partner

Postlethwaite Solicitors

Robin's 16 year career has focussed on EOT transactions for SMEs with particular emphasis on the financial aspects of the transition and utilises financial modelling to inform decisions.

EOTs & Leadership Succession

Understanding the role of the EOT in facilitating succession and incentivisation for others

Including: continuing leadership for sellers, transitioning to new management, tax reliefs for leadership incentives

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EOTs & Family Wealth Planning

Aligning the EOT structure with long term wealth planning to

ensure sellers’ financial needs are met

Including: Inheritance tax implications for EOT sellers, EOT proceeds as a seed for long term wealth planning

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